We assess and fill the gaps in the capabilities of our clients, taking on business tasks that they are either not equipped for or would rather delegate to someone else.

We bring value to our clients in many different ways including:

  • Business health checks
  • Active management
  • Mentoring and business coaching
  • Business advice
  • Project delivery
  • Managing external financial relationships
  • Identifying and delivering new opportunities
  • Financial investment
  • Access to a business network committed to small businesses

Business health checks: a highly practical and pragmatic rapid review to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your business, and to identify the key issues to address and/or opportunities to improve profitability.

Active management: long term and interim management roles to fill gaps in knowledge or experience ranging from financial management and control through sales and marketing to production and operation

Mentoring and business coaching: owner managers tell us that they often feel they lack someone to help them develop and check that they do what is necessary to make their ideas happen in practice.

Business advice: we have often seen issues before and can help clients resolve issues that are outside their area of knowledge or experience. If we don’t know the solution ourselves we often know someone who does!
Project work: taking on specific projects when a skill gap or resource constraint means that they are not getting done.

Managing external financial relationships: We speak ‘bank’ fluently and understand what it is, ad is not reasonable to expect form that relationship. We help our clients to get best value from their banking relationship.

New opportunities: We actively operations seek to bring our clients together working with or providing goods and services to each other.

Financial investment: We invest our own money in client businesses whether through loans or equity purchase, and help clients to raise money form other external investors.

A business network for small business: we believe that small businesses are often poorly served by providers of both products and services who would rather be working with bigger fish. We have brought together a network of small companies who are committed to delivering excellence to smaller customers.